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With regional domains like (Canada) or (USA) we can plan regionalized events. will become the official organization behind the Priide movement. Lets take back the Pride. Why do we need a label? Should we not all be tolerant of everyone? Should we not celebrate our diversity as the human race. Imagine a place for everyone, regardless of race, colour or sexual orientation. will become the official organization where events will be born and advertised. The news will come from and the events will come from the official website while will become the social aspect of Priide.

1st Annual
Walk with Priide Event

Things are never black or white, people come in all colors, shapes and sizes so we are hard at work trying to organize regionalized walk with Priide events. We are looking for leaders to organize in their community for a walk with Priide event. There is only one suggestion, be who you are and bring something to represent a rainbow. It can be a hat, a shirt, shoes, whatever you like, anything to be visible and to show your Priide. Remember that Priide is open to ANYONE and there is no need for a label, just be who you are and enjoy the company of like minded individuals.

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Priide Admin said... will be launching in the near future.

Watch for an announcement here.

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